Wynn's Hotel Dublin

A Classic Soul with a Modern Twist


Set in an ideal downtown location for business and leisure travellers, Wynns Hotel Dublin, offers a unique blend of historic charm and urban sophistication next to the city’s most in-demand shopping, dining and tourist attractions.


Housed in a listed Building and part of an Architectural Conservation Area, Wynn's Hotel has been in existence in one form or another since 1845 and has witnessed many of the events which have shaped the history of Dublin City. Wynn’s iconic brand of rich history and legendary hospitality makes this Hotel a must-stay and a must-do in Dublin.


Celebrating over 170 years of continious service, our legendary hotel has quite the storied history.


Wynn's Hotel owes its origin and name to a Ms. Phoebe Wynn who opened a commercial boarding house at No. 33 Lower Abbey Street in 1845. For this enterprise, she chose a house which previously had been the Church of Ireland rectory of the Parish of St. Thomas. It adjoined The Royal Hibernian Academy and was a mere stone’s throw from. Dublin's main thorough-fare then Sackville Street. Nothing else is known of Phoebe Wynn except her ownership of the establishment lasted only seven years.


But the business she had located so well prospered and grew under successive owners who enlarged the premises as the opportunity arose. Before the end of the century Wynn's Hotel already occupied numbers 35, 36, 37, 38, and 39 Lower Abbey Street and had become one of Dublin's most popular hotels. Although Ms. Wynn's association with the business was of short duration, her name lived on through several changes of owners